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       I always knew I wanted to pursue a creative career. I dived into art classes from an early age, picked up the violin, and originally went to school to study Art & Graphic Design.  Eventually I picked up a camera and was absolutely enamored with my new ability to capture moments and tell stories through this new found lens.
Over the past three years I've had the opportunity to work with a wide array of brands and clients. Capturing photographs for brands such as Pendleton, Gap, & Samsung.
Having the opportunity to tell the stories of Olympic Athletes, Chefs, and Musicians. Most recently moving into a role at URBN as their Creative Content Coordinator
I always aim to put the story first, and because of this I've established long term relationships with my clients and created images that speak for themselves.
I'm often traveling more then I'm home...moving from California to Washington to Portland and now to Philadelphia, I live to explore. This philosophy of living life to the fullest continues to inspire me and in turn adds depth to the images I capture and the stories I tell.

What do my clients say?

"Danny was a joy to have onsite! He is extremely professional, creative and great with people.

I can't wait to work with Danny again in the future!"
- Niche by Twitter
"Our engagement shoot with Danny was so much fun!
Danny was very professional, knew what type of photos we were wanting, and made the experience memorable. Highly recommend!"
- Alexa
"If you're looking for a fun wedding photographer, choose Danny. We loved having him along side us on our special day.
He made sure to capture all of the moments you want to remember, as well as making certain that they were perfect! Thanks a bunch!" - Sydney



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