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This is a blog of New York based photographer Danny Owens. Featuring interviews with artists, makers, and creatives as well as showcasing recent photography work.

2017 In Review


2017 was a crazy year for me to say the least. Living in 3 cities, transferring from a full time freelancer to a full time job. It's been something.

Through all of this craziness, I came out on the other end feeling truer to myself than I ever have before. For the first time in my career, I can say that I saw my voice come to fruition through the images I took.

Now in the new year, I'm looking back at the stories I told and the moments I captured and I'm stoked about what my shutter will click over the course of these next 365 days.

Below are some of the highlights of my year in the form of the projects I worked on and the photos I took.


In January of 2017, I started a personal photography project by simply dm'ing an artist that I had found through a location tag. Little did I know that that first editorial would lead to some of the most fulfilling work I've ever done. I photographed and interviewed 6 artists, and took some of my favorite photos to date.


I continued to explore my passion for culinary by working with Matt Broussard on 4 pop-up dinners in Brooklyn, Napa, Seattle, & Harlem. Honestly, it's just my excuse to hang out with chefs and get free food...

download (1).jpeg
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download (4).jpeg


To close out the year, the biggest change of my career took me on a completely new path. In September, I accepted a role with Urban Outfitters Inc. to work at their home office in a role that can be boiled down to campus storyteller. In the past 4 months since I've started, I've taken an insane amount of photos, and told the stories of some amazingly creative people.


Portraits & Test Shoots.

Throughout the year I had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, and having them trust me with taking their photo. Friends, Models, Athletes, and a Celebrity. Portraits are to this day one of my favorite kinds of photos to take.


This past year I continued to build relationships with some amazing clients, and worked on some projects that really let me create without a lot of boundaries. Some of my these projects let me bring together my background in pencil drawing, allowed me to shoot on some dream locations like an active ferry, and most importantly gave me the opportunity to work with some of the most creative people in the industry.


Throughout the year I worked with some amazing couples to capture their love. I shot in Portland, Seattle, Kansas City, Joshua Tree, and in the Columbia River Gorge. Never my focus, but these engagements and wedding shoots have always been a welcome chance to tell a different story, and I wouldn't pass up the memories I share with these couples for anything.


Damn. After writing this and curating those images, I'm somewhere between extremely exhausted and incredibly proud.

Here's to 2018 and all of the unknown that lies ahead.

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