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This is a blog of New York based photographer Danny Owens. Featuring interviews with artists, makers, and creatives as well as showcasing recent photography work.

2018 In Review


That’s the first word that comes to mind as I write this yearly review. It’ll never cease to amaze me seeing another year come to a close.

Yet again, this year saw me calling a new city home. It also saw me close one door in my career, and have another open. It saw new challenges, and new accomplishments. This year brought me to some of my lowest points, but also showed me that I have so much more ahead of me.

I’ve collected some highlights and favorite moments to share with you, and to also collect for myself. Take a look!


A few months into 2018, I embarked on a new journey. Starting in May I joined the Creative Production team at Squarespace. Which yes, means that I moved to yet another city. The big one; New York.

More and more over my creative career I have started to be drawn towards a more overall approach to creating. One that doesn’t place me as a photographer behind the camera. Instead, I had become really interested in seeing every part of a creative project come together from start to finish. I had stopped just picking up my camera and shooting, and instead dived into planning shoots - building teams and formatting the structure of the idea before anything was even captured through my shutter.

So because of this, when this role opened up to me - I knew it would be the perfect next step.

Now 8 months in, I’ve learned more then I can even express. From photo & video shoots to radio ads, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from an amazing team as well as produce my own projects. (And even take a crack at some art direction along the way.)


Photo by David Lee

Produced Creative Recruiting Video

Art Direction for Summer Social Paid Media


As I’ve been investing more into my production career, photography projects have taken a bit of a back burner. Which even though can be a sad a realization, has also been a necessary adjustment.

Even so, I’ll never want to lose that skill or stop creating from my personal passions. So I kept shooting throughout this year and added some images I’m quite proud of to my portfolio.


Death To Stock / Winter Textures


Rebekah J Designs / 2018 Lookbook


Test Shoot / Paige


Test Shoot / Jenny


Test Shoot / Kseniya


Hathaway Wedding

Electric Coffee

It’s funny how the world comes full circle sometimes. Back in 2014 & 2015, I worked at a coffee shop a bit outside of Seattle.

4 years later, one of my fellow baristas and friends, followed through on her dream to open her own shop. Tina asked me to come on board to creatively direct and produce this shop, from the ground up.

From then on, Electric Coffee House has been my baby. I’ve had the opportunity to hire a creative team to help bring the vision to life, and they’ve killed it. Alejandro has designed the visual identity, and Elena has crafted the written voice. 2019 better hold on to its seat, because Electric is about to light up!


In November, I was able to transition a personal project into a tangible object. I’ve been asking artists to let me into their creative spaces for a few years now. From the beginning of this series my motive has always been to create a space to showcase and capture the creativity of those featured.

When Blurb approached me to help share about their book-making and publishing platform, I immediately knew that I wanted to use this opportunity to curate my series on artists. I curated 5 of these photographic interviews into a printed zine, had 50 copies made, and then gave them away!

I was absolutely blown away by the support and interest from people all over the US. I sent copies to LA, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Miami, Nashville, NYC, and more, Seeing this project come to life was such a highlight, and a great way to close out my year.


Included in this first zine were two new artists shoots from this year, Alejandro & Christie!


Other Highlights

There’s always a few things throughout the year that just kinda happen. Not really planned, but accomplishments or highlights that I’m proud of none-the-less.

I had the opportunity to be a part of 2 video projects and even have some images published in a magazine!

Live Life Well

Interview with Konnor Durante


Published within Musotrees Vol. 5

Before writing this post I looked at my Year in Review for 2017, and I took note of how different these two years are in comparison. At first, that didn’t leave me with a good feeling. I saw it only as proof that I’ve created less. That somehow I wasn’t being true to myself.

2018 was a strange year, not just for me. The world changed in so many unexpected ways, and I have a inclination that a lot of us feel as if we’ve constantly been playing catch up or trying to find our footing.

This year took me in a direction I couldn’t have expected, or really planned. It left me unsure about who I was creatively and what my path will look like. But I think at the end of this year I can see that as a positive thing. My skill set is being expanded and I’m being pushed in so many new ways and challenged even more.

I’m excited about what will come. I’m excited about seeing that even on this new path I pursue, that I am able to look back with pride with what I leave behind each year.

I’m excited to see what is to come. You should be to.


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