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Creative Shock with Paige MacDonald

As a photographer I'm fascinated with the process behind how images are created. No, not the technical details... not how the image is processed through some form of technology or which lens or body is used. 

I'm intrigued by the creative process behind the viewfinder. How a photographer captures a fleeting moment and drafts it into an image that speaks to who they are. And I'm fascinated by how that process can be triggered or shocked with different environments and outside hindrances.

A couple weeks ago I took an hour out of my weekend to force myself to create something. To create images with a model I hardly knew, with no known location in mind, little styling, and no clear vision to reference.

I'm loosely referring to this aspect of forcing creativity as "creative shock".

These are the images that are a result of that process.


I'd love to hear your thoughts! How do you shock yourself into a creative process? Do you have any routines that you follow to create work you're proud of?

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