Danny Owens


This is a blog of New York based photographer Danny Owens. Featuring interviews with artists, makers, and creatives as well as showcasing recent photography work.

Fragment Collection

     My favorite thing to do with my work is to work with and photograph for small businesses and creative individuals.

When Rebekah first approached me to shoot images for her upcoming jewelry line, I became instantly excited. The passion in her voice while she told me about the intricacies and inspiration for the new line showed me immediately that this was something she was hugely dedicated to.

After our meeting, I worked with her to build a creative team to bring this vision to life. When we showed up on location what we had originally thought would be a set of moody pacific northwest images turned out completely different... but that was ok! The sun was shining and there were hardly any clouds in sight. The images turned out beautifully different with so much more warmth and light which we both had no problem with at all!

I've selected a few of my favorite images from the lookbook below, enjoy!

Danny Owens