Danny Owens


This is a blog of New York based photographer Danny Owens. Featuring interviews with artists, makers, and creatives as well as showcasing recent photography work.


Back in June of 2016, I was getting on a plane headed for the Emerald Isle.

It wasn't just any summer day though. This was the first Fathers Day I would be spending without my Dad. Last year on this day we were taking selfies and drinking beer on the porch, this day he wouldn't be around for that.

Instead, I was with my Mom. Heading out on an adventure in some form of a memorial to that day. My parents had planned on taking this trip together, but that just didn't get to happen. Now it was my turn to take my Mom on another adventure... and oh what an adventure it was.

From roaming the streets of Dublin and sharing multiple pints of Guinness to traveling the countryside by bus and getting abandoned in Belfast... these memories will always be something I hold on to, and I know my Dad would have been right along smiling the entire way.