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A dinner is so much more then putting food on a plate and sharing it with someone at a table...

A dinner is an end to a long day, a dinner is a conversation shared, a dinner can be a piece of art, a dinner can be the culmination of ingredients that took months to grow and source...

Over the past couple of years working around chefs and the food industry, my appreciation for food has grown exponentially. The amount of time and effort that goes into creating a recipe and a dish is sometimes mind blowing... and this dinner in Napa was no different.

Myself and Matt flew down to Napa to join Byron, the other chef of the event. Without a pause we all got to work at our host kitchen, the Kitchen Collective. I watched as a flurry of activity happened in order to make this pop up dinner a success. A whirl of chopping, blending, steam, smoke, fire... a beautiful cacophony of motion all focused around beautiful ingredients and creativity.

Below is a collection of moments I captured in the form of photos, enjoy!

Ahead of the dinner, we had the immeasurable honor of being invited to forage some ingredients from Jacobsen Farms, one of the most exclusive farms in the industry... sourcing to michelin starred restaurants.

I couldn't stop myself from snapping photos here, as every minute there was something else to capture!

Taco of octopus al pastor, pickled jicama, cilantro poblano tortilla, & chorizo - Matt Broussard

Smoked Char, fennel, pine nuts, & meyer lemon - Byron Talbott