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Pop Up Dinner / Brooklyn

We landed in New York with maybe a few hours of sleep between the two of us. For Matt it was a whole new city to explore, for me it was returning to one of my favorite cities on the planet. But this time we had work to do, and only a short time to do it.

We hit the ground running... with only a couple days of prep we needed to pull off a pop up dinner and make it a success! The next two days were spent gathering supplies and ingredients, planning everything out, and prepping...

But of course we found time to consume as many slices of Pizza and bagels as possible... I mean its not everyday you're in New York after all.

I'm so stoked to share with you some images from behind the scenes of that dinner below, enjoy!

Thanks so much to our amazing sponsors!

Alaska Airlines

Canoe Ridge Vineyard

Front of the House

Gruet Winery



Food created by Matt Broussard + Nicole Rutsch

Production + Photography by Danny Owens