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How to take a Roadtrip

A very well traveled man by the name of Casey Neistat is quoted as saying... "Experience does for the soul what Education does for the mind"... I couldn't agree with that statement more.

I often feel most myself when I'm on the road, getting onto a plane, or wandering the streets of a new city.

There's something about being displaced out of your routine and taken out of your familiar locale that forces you to grow and to really learn who you are as an individual.

Over the past few years I've boarded countless planes, slept on various couches, and met some of the most amazing people ever. I've shared meals with strangers, woken up to the oceans waves, and danced to music with thousands of others. I've photographed the stories of people far more interesting then myself, I've sat and watched the sun set over hidden canyons, and I've raised a glass with people I would never have thought to. 

Just this year I've been away from my own home for more then 40% of the year and I hope to continue that!

When I started writing this blog I thought I was going to give you a bullet pointed list of practical roadtrip advice like making sure you pack wipes or that you bring enough snacks... but now I just want to inspire you to really live the moments that I hope you'll experience on your trip. So here's just some pointers before you get behind the wheel with the road in front of you.

  • Step Away From Your Camera

I know that you're going to see really really cool things that would look really good on your Instagram feed... and by all means take some awesome pictures. 

But... once in awhile try to fight that urge. Too often we are so attached to our phones or cameras that instead of living the moments ourselves, we live them through a screen or viewfinder.

What a shame!

When you're experiencing these moments on your trip... let them be your moments! Share them with those around you, and truly create these memories that can be shared as stories with others for the rest of your life.

  • Don't Plan

Well I mean plan a little bit... but just don't have a schedule for every single minute of the journey. 

Let the journey unfold out in front of you. If you see a sign for a lookout or the worlds biggest spoon on your way, TAKE IT!

Some of my favorite roadtrip memories have been made by taking a side road or stopping at a place that claims to have the worlds best cinnamon buns.

You can't plan these genuine moments, so don't.

  • Be Uncomfortable

I get it... lounging at a hotel with a hot shower, room service, and tv is pretty damn nice. But you could do that anywhere, right?

I hold some of my favorite stories from choosing to crash on a friends (or strangers) couch, setting up a tent on the beach, or even sleeping in my car at a truck stop. (Stories like the time I fought off a family of raccoons that wanted to evict me from their land...)

My only suggestion is really what all these points are making... if you're taking a trip to create memories and to go on an adventure, really do that. Throw luxury to the wind and rough it a little, if you really hate it...that hotel room will be waiting.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you have any fun roadtrip stories, send them my way! I'd love to hear them. Shoot me an email at hello@dannyowens.co