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Steed Shoot

It all started with a Facebook post...

And that was all I had do to... When I get an idea in my head, more often then not I'm going to see it through to completion. Sometimes that doesn't always end well. Pure determination doesn't always produce the best results, but this time it did.

My next step was to put together the creative vision and inspiration for what I wanted to create. My goal was to capture a juxtaposition of modern equestrian style with the essence of ancient female warriors. Putting into words what I want to capture with my camera always helps the outcome in the end.

As I always do nowadays, I enlisted a team of rockstars to bring this vision together and the rest is history. 

Huge thanks to Leah Kaufmann for lending her beautiful horses (and pony) for this shoot. This wouldn't have been possible without you!

Below is the manifestation of an idea that came to be...enjoy!

Photographer/Art Director : Danny Owens

Model: Rachel Noe

Stylist: Danielle Davis

Make-Up + Hair: Hannah Bush

Production Assistant: Kevin Villarreal

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