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Consider the WLDFLWRS

     Back in the early fall of 2016 I hopped on a flight to Nashville with nothing else on the agenda except to explore this city that I had heard so much about.

It was hot. It was humid. There was the incessant sounds of cicadas that lingered in the air and then there were the little pockets of life that sprung up throughout the city. I'll be honest when I say that usually my city explorations start and finish with coffee shops. For me its always the best way to get a general sense of the city and even the chance to learn some inside information from the baristas pouring my cup.

I knew little about Nashville. Of course there were the stereotypical knowledge about Taylor Swift and Honkey-Tonk, and the overwhelming suggestions to visit Barista Parlor & Crema. But apart from that, this was uncharted territory.

I took this lack of knowledge and ran with it. Meeting up with some awesome creative individuals and drinking a lot of coffee. One of these people I met up with was Emily Howard, CEO of Consider the WLDFLWRS. Emily also happens to have her own 'to-do' list of Nashville that you should check out!

She invited me into their studio to show me a little bit of what they create. Below you can peruse a few images I took of the workshop and read through a short interview I did with Emily.

Why did you start Consider the Wldflwrs? Tell me the history?

Consider the Wldflwrs began in 2013. I was sitting at home one night after summer school wishing I could make enough money to feel like I was supporting myself and helping others. Originally I thought I might start a paper company, but it turns out I am much better at designing jewelry;). I started with mostly one-of-a-kind pieces that would sell out pretty quickly. I fell in love with metalsmithing, then with owning a business, then with constantly learning and eventually learning to lead a whole team. Consider the Wldflwrs would not be where it is today without every team member that has worked here and every supportive husband that comes in to help us when we’re in a pinch. 

What makes you want to keep calling Nashville home? How have you seen it change?

I absolutely love Nashville, the people, the restaurants, the community and the city itself. It feels like you are part of something BIG. Something is always growing or changing in Nashville and it makes it exciting to live here. Opportunities seem to be endless in a city that is so supportive. So many people call Nashville home and I am truly honored to be one of those people. It’s hard to explain how much Nashville draws you in, unless you visit!

What are your dreams for the brand?

My dreams for CTWF is that we will grow to be an even bigger brand and therefore an even bigger vehicle for opportunity. We strive to serve our customers by creating unique experiences that enhance their memories of special moments in their lives. We love to create “wow” moments for them and even for our own team. We are also a vehicle for opportunity for a growing group of craftswomen in Honduras. We seek to include others in our growth and to lift up the people we collaborate with. 

Any dream projects or collaborations?

Around January or February of 2017 we are launching a new collection called “Wldflwr”. It is going to be high end charm necklaces, bracelets and more that are 14k-18k gold. This will be the peak of our price point for the Consider the Wldflwrs brand (besides our engagement rings) and will be sold to other stores. We are looking forward to reaching out to some “dream stores” about our new collection and hopefully seeing it on celebrities. Each of us at CTWF have a dream list of celebrities we would like to see wearing our pieces. (Mine range from anyone on the show “Nashville” to Lucy Hale and Jennifer Aniston.)

Have there been any clients of yours that were standout favorites? any cool stories?

We make jewelry for a band called “For King and Country” for their merchandise table. These are typically my favorite projects because I once played music and realized how much more I loved selling CD’s at my merch table than getting on stage. Making merch for artists is such a unique gig! Anyways - For King and Country is coming out with a MOVIE called “Priceless" on October 14th and we have had the honor of stamping the word “Priceless” on many many necklaces and cuff bracelets for them. It has been a real treat to be part of this movie and our whole team is going to see it on opening day!

Thanks so much Emily!